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Sifiso and Ratanang Tema Say I Do


Hey fam. . . meet Sifiso and Ratanang, a beautiful couple that shared their beautiful love story. So here it goes . . . read about their love story and how they met:


How did you guys meet? And what was your first impression of each other?

Sifiso: We met in high school and I honestly can’t remeber my first impression of her, lol*

Ratanang: We met in high school through a friend when I was on substitution and my substitute teacher was the teacher who was teaching his class. I didn’t really have a first impression of him as I wasn’t really interested in any form of a relationship, but his dimples were cute.


How long have you been together? What makes you guys work?

Sifiso: We’ve been together a total of 14 years this year. I think open communication constantly makes us work.

Ratanang: Yes, this year marks 14 years together in total. For me I would say the communication, the patience and honestly accepting and understanding your partner for who they are, flaws and all*… Oh and love of course



How did you know she was the one/he was the one?

Sifiso: I can’t really pin point a particular time, I just knew and felt it all along.

Ratanang: Me too, there isn’t a particular occasion where I thought “hmmmm, he is the one”.. My heart just felt it and knew over the journey of our relationship from the way he loves me, looks at me, treats me, respects me and supports my every dream


What do you love most about your partner?

Sifiso: Ratu’s got a very kind heart, and her smile 🙂

Ratanang: Lol, I was going to say that too. Sifiso really does have the kindest heart I’ve ever met. He is selfless and makes sure everyone is ok*… Oh and his dimples


What are you most looking forward to in this life journey together?

Sifiso: I’m looking forward to so much happiness and definitely babies 🙂

Ratanang: The growth of our relationship, the growth of our love, so much laughter and so many incredible adventures with my best friend*.. and yes the babies too 🙂


It’s early days in your marriage, but what’s the one piece of advice have you learned about relationships, love and commitment?

Sifiso: I’ve learned that patience, understanding, and communication are very important

Ratanang: I’ve learned that even though we are married now, we still need to be ourselves and not change much. Continue to date each other, have endless fun, laugh till our tummies are sore and enjoy the journey one day at a time.


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