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Anele and Michelle African Winter Fairytale Wedding
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Anele and Michelle Say I do

Anele and Michelle African Winter Fairytale Wedding


Hey fam and welcome to the Mzansi Weddings blog. Meet Anele Maseko and Michelle Maseko, a beautiful couple that shared their beautiful love story with us. So here it goes . . . read about their love story and how it all began:

How did you guys meet? And what was your first impression of each other?
Anele: I first saw her at Church, but was too afraid to approach her. Then I got her number from a friend and started chatting with her on MXIT. We arranged to meet after school, and when I first saw her, I became so nervous because she looked really beautiful.

Michelle: Lol that’s a pretty summarized version, but yes we did start chatting on MXIT back in April 2010 through his cousin because that’s how he got my number, lol not his friend. He had been spying on me. After chatting on MXIT for a bit we made arrangements to meet after school on the 28th of October 2010, lol yes I remember the date. We were still friends though when we met. My first impression of him was “Okay, the MXIT name Tallman makes sense and he’s pretty cute, but why is he wearing church shoes and a funky sports cardigan with his school uniform?” He made me feel so comfortable though and by the end of the afternoon I had spilled most of my secrets to him because he was the easiest person to speak to.

How long have you been together? What makes you guys work?

Anele: We started dating on the 31st of March 2011. That’s a little over 8 years ago. I think it’s not just one thing, but rather a collection of things. Mainly, the coherent religious beliefs. We have similar visions in regard to where we want to end up, hence, that makes working together become easier and more purposeful. To be more precise, being Michelle’s partner is the safest option for me in my quest to go to heaven. This is because I understood God’s love better, when I began being a recipient of Michelle’s pure love. Secondly, our diversity compliments our compatibility. We become really useful to each other. Thirdly, is our raw passion to be together. I think I can safely declare that Michelle would rather be with no one else. Of course, I too want nobody else. She’s my childhood sweetheart who became my best friend, then my partner. I think that element of friendship is crucial in us staying together for so long because we just miss each other’s company when we haven’t spoken or seen each other for a long time, like 20 minutes… that’s too long a time because I start missing her. Hmm…perhaps I am a little clingy at times.

Michelle: Lol very clingy, but I am too so I can’t judge. I believe what makes us work is God and consistency which compliments everything Anele said. I honestly don’t believe the way Anele loves me is human, it has to be God loving me through Him. It’s so cheesy I guess but true and that cheesy love we have consistently shared over the years has been why we continue to work. We’re not afraid to put our hearts on the line for each other and be completely vulnerable and that’s why we consistently work at it every day because we’ve literally given our all and there’s no other way but to work at it every day.

How did you know she was the one/he was the one?

Anele: Well, for me, Michelle ticked every box I had of what I felt was the ideal girl for me. In fact, I prayed to God and described in lengthy detail what kind of a girl I wish to ideally marry. God completely ignored me, and gave me a partner far greater than what I had asked for. She was so physically attractive, her dimples always get me smiling. I also became very attracted to her personality. She really cared about others and had so much compassion toward others. I even loved her reputation. She was known for being a girl which guys can’t get because she is not easy to “shark”. When she and I started chatting though, it was just such a naturally exciting conversation that we perpetuated for days and weeks and months… even years now. We just easily relate to each other. Michelle was also very intelligent. She was a top 10 student, and hence, she invested a lot of time in her education. That really inspired me, although I didn’t get to be a top 10 student myself, but I looked up to her commitment and acquired plenty of lessons from her. When I realized how much value she had contributed in my holistic development, especially my spiritual growth, I knew she was the one I had to be with. The way she loved me and invested so much of herself and resources in me. That also won my heart. She supported me so much so that giving to her, became such a routine thing for me.

Michelle: I remember early on in our relationship, when we were both still in high school, I was terribly sick with period pains. He didn’t have any money on him to get into a taxi and come visit me, but that didn’t stop him and he walked all the way from where he was (which was 11 kilometers away imagine) to me just to check if I was okay. That really moved me and that made me realize that he would really give his all for me. He didn’t have much materially, but his heart and passion to make me happy with whatever he could was amazing; and that’s how he continued to be as our relationship progressed. I couldn’t believe it when he told me that he would marry me last year because I had just started working and he was still in school completing his Masters but when he sent a letter home early last year signifying he was ready to pay lobola, it’s then I knew he was serious and I found out that for the past 2+ years, he had been saving every little cent he got from selling textbooks which was his side hustle and from tutoring in university every now and again. I was moved to tears because the one thing he had consistently shown me in the last 8 years is that he was ready to give his all and put everything on the line for me. That’s how I knew he was the one.


What do you love most about your partner?

Anele: Her humour and how she invests so much in our relationship. And of course, her dimples… wow! My heart still races every time I see them, till this day.

Michelle: His genuine heart and how he loves and cares for people. He gives of himself so freely and it’s honestly so beautiful to watch. I’ve told him continuously that our children are going to be so blessed to call him Dad.


What are you most looking forward to in this life journey together?

Anele: Growing old, like really old, together.

Michelle: “Don’t you realize that the most mundane things become events if your heart is happy and whole”. That quote pretty much sums up the fact that I look forward to everything with him, from watching him sleep to reaching our goals together, but absolutely everything, even life’s simplest tasks are exciting when I get to do them with him.

It’s early days in your marriage, but what’s the one piece of advice have you learned about relationships, love and commitment?

Anele: lol do I qualify already? Anyway, look, I am a people’s person. People genuinely care about me and hence, I went into marriage getting a lot of council from a lot of people. Largely contrary to what people have been saying, my young marriage has so far been like a huge upgrade of dating Michelle. The beautiful thing about it is that I get to see her every single day. I am not saying we do not fight, but she even looks so pretty when she is angry. Therefore, I have learnt that we have to allow ourselves to afford each other the opportunity to learn more about each other, and not to stop dating. We can now go out together without worrying about her dad seeing us…lol hey, I am enjoying this.

Michelle: Lol I have two pieces of advice to share please. Firstly, work at it every single day. Don’t ever stop cultivating something so beautiful as love because it’s not something everyone is blessed with in this day and age, so don’t ever take it for granted. Secondly, team work honestly makes the dream work. Your love and commitment to each and other and to your dreams will help you achieve and overcome anything. Anele and I have seen this first hand right up to our most recent goal which was having our dream wedding when we had barely anything in our pockets with the least glamorous jobs. God really came through for us and it happened debt free too. Anything is possible when you work hand in hand with a little bit of faith in your back pocket.


Hope you have enjoyed reading about their love story. If you have a story of your own to share, or you know someone whose love story we will love, do let us know.


  • Barbara
    August 27, 2019 at 5:49 pm

    What a beautiful love story. So so proud of you my kiddos ❤️

    • Mariam Maulidi
      August 28, 2019 at 1:29 pm

      Congratulations TO you Anele and Michelle Maseko. I am so very much proud of you guys, Indeed it was a fairy tale wedding. May the Almighty guide you all the way and may he bless you with pious children and keep your love glow forever.

  • Barbara MacCarthy
    August 27, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    Anele and Michelle you made us proud. What an inspiring love story. Indeed you were made for each other, congratulations for embarking on life’s journey called marriage which is either a two way street between compromise and sacrifice.
    May for better or worse be far better than worse.
    Love aunt Barbara (UK)

  • Noxolo
    August 27, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    This was one of the MOST beautiful wedding ceremony I’ve ever attended and their love for each other is undescribable . May God keep them together until Jesus comes. I love them ❤️

  • Akani Mokoka
    August 27, 2019 at 10:02 pm

    This is by far the best love story I’ve ever came across. Congratulations on your marriage. I pray that it brings you closer to the Almighty. Hold on to each other like you always have. Pray together to stay together forever.

  • Donna
    August 27, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    Your story is so inspiring. I wish you the best in your marriage and stay blessed. You deserve it.

  • Rachael Masadza
    August 28, 2019 at 8:35 am

    I am so proud of you guys. Congradulations again and wishing you all the best in your journey. Its true when they say God is love and your union is based on the one who is love Himself, he will not fail you…

  • Martha Mahlangu
    August 28, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness. Your wedding day will come and go but may your love forever grow, respect, love and care for each other in this wonderful journey, as you build your new life together. A happy marriage is cocktail of open communication, honest, hard work, a whole lot of love…. A happy is being happy with what you’ve got rather than expecting your marriage to be a certain way. May the years ahead filled with lasting joy.

  • Buhle Dlamini
    September 8, 2020 at 5:00 am

    Hey sis
    I’m one of the (sisters in confab)(If you know you know)😂and I found this so inspiring like I am so inspired may the good lord bless your union❤️❤️❤️❤️May the Lord render you happiness life could ever offer !!!

    • Michelle Maseko
      October 10, 2020 at 7:40 am

      Ncaaw sis! This warmed my heart to see, especially knowing you’re from our special sisterhood😁❤️. Thank you so much 🥰❤️

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